SLIIC Holdings Co., Ltd.

SLIIC Holdings Co., Ltd., a Korea-based Investment and Infrastructure developing company, was founded in June 2015 to introduce Korean technology and promote Korean foreign direct investment into developing countries who are keen to the industrial development for the economic growth.

SLIIC Holdings, committed to being a robust bridge between developing countries and Korea and being a gateway for Korean companies seeking for an entry into the emerging market, acts as a general partner of special purpose entities formed to make strategic outbound investments and to manage financial investments into infrastructure development projects. SLIIC Holdings is to arrange private and public institutional capitals and make investments into joint ventures for the development projects.

By our proactive business development activities, we aim for Korean companies to be able to enter developing country’s domestic market through local manufacturing joint ventures which will create new jobs for developing countries and bring investments in the infrastructure projects. Our business purpose is to create economic and business synergies by establishing joint cooperation, strategic alliances and partnerships between the right public institutions or government agencies and Korean businesses by developing project investment pipelines which SLIIC Holdings can identify and invite the right companies from Korea, and by assisting with or co-investing in the projects.

SLIIC Holdings is keen to contribute to the uplifting the life standards of developing country’s societies through the compound industrial development.